Retford Ceilidhs


Kathy is keeping open her email list for the time being and will keep subscribers informed of other forthcoming ceilidhs/barn dances in the region - let her know via our contact page if you would still like to hear from us.

FRiDAY 31st MARCH 2017 - our last ceilidh!

Hi to all you lovely Ceilidh supporters!

We had a bit of money still in our bank account and thought the best way to wind down Retford Ceilidhs was to have a final fling on Friday March 31st 2017,  at Clarborough Village Hall, near Retford.
We had a really wonderful final ceilidh and we couldn't have had a better band or better folk there.  Thank you to everyone who supported us and Muddy Fork charity on the night.  And especial thanks to all who have come to our ceilidhs over the years - it has been great!  We hope you continue the joy of social dancing in the future.


... played for our last evening - two members of which, Tim and Nina, used to play with the wonderful Liam Robinson Band (who gave us so much help initially), and the other is the renowned Simon Care (of Edward II, Tickled Pink, Albion Christmas Band, Simon Care Trio fame).  Banter are now earning popularity on the festival circuit nationally (they will be at Glastonbury this year!) and the band claim they play "fabulous tunes with a fresh viewpoint and a cheeky twist on the Tradition".  We can vouch for that and are honoured to have such an excellent band.  Exciting and inspirational music.  

Supporting MUDDY FORK Charity for our final ceilidh

The charity we supported on the final night was Muddy Fork - which helps people in north Nottinghamshire with mental health challenges through volunteer gardening and conservation and who are particularly active at our local Idle Valley Wildlife centre.  So after expenses (the cost of the hall, licence, band - only the committee came for free!), our final balance also went to them.   Thank you for helping us to support this very worthy cause.

Anna (Evans), Kathy (Cowborough), Richard (Beswick), Moira (Ruff), Sally (Henderson)


Retford Ceilidhs started in 2012 when a group of people with a passion for community dancing came together to organise social dance events to live - primarily traditional - music in the Retford, Nottinghamshire, area.  
We have organised four ceilidhs a year regularly (see our News page).  For us, it doesn’t matter if you are familiar with ceilidh (or folk or other social) dancing or if you’ve never danced before or you don’t have a partner, we would love you just to come and enjoy our dances.   This is dancing for fun and good company.  Our ceilidhs are open to all, including families, experienced, inexperienced, young and old alike – we let under-16s in for free – even just listeners to the live music are  welcome.  Our music is live to guest bands who each bring their own brand of dance and music to our evenings. 

If you wish to give us feedback, please send us a message via the Guestbook or Contacts pages or email Kathy if you are on her email list.

See us enjoying ourselves on YouTube

Last updated June 2017

  • Great moves!

    Having a great time at our first ceilidh on 28th April, 2012, to Lambskinnet Band from Newark.

  • Fill the floor with dancers!

    Happy, smiley faces at our first ceilidh at Goodwin Hall, April 2012

  • Lambskinnet and Chris

    Lambskinnet Band with caller Chris Rose at Babworth WMC, April 2013

What is a "ceilidh"?
Ready for the off with Pierrot Ceilidh Band at Clarborough Hall, Oct 2013

Whether you are English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh or from many other places where dancing has been part of the culture, the term “ceilidh” (or ceilidhe, céilithe or ceili - say as "kay-lee") is used for a gathering where all ages come together to enjoy live music and dancing.