A warm welcome to Retford Ceilidhs

Retford Ceilidhs started in 2012 when a group of people with a passion for community dancing came together to organise social dance events to live - primarily traditional - music in the Retford, Nottinghamshire, area.  
We have organised four ceilidhs a year regularly (see our News page for dates and information).  For us, it doesn’t matter if you are familiar with ceilidh (or folk or other social) dancing or if you’ve never danced before or you don’t have a partner, we would love you just to come and enjoy our dances.   This is dancing for fun and good company.  Our ceilidhs are open to all, including families, experienced, inexperienced, young and old alike – we let under-16s in for free – even just listeners to the live music are  welcome.  Our music is live to guest bands who each bring their own brand of dance and music to our evenings. 

STOP PRESS: Future of Retford Ceilidhs

October 2015

We had good company and enjoyed great social dancing on Saturday 10th October, with the Rosianna Ceilidh Band and the raffle raised funds for West Street Preschool

But .... To date the Retford Ceilidhs committee has organised 16 ceilidhs since early 2012, all of which have been enjoyed by us and all those who came along, and we raised £717.19 for charity. Unfortunately, after looking at trends in attendance over the past year, we have decided to stop running regular events for the time being.  

As a non profit-making organisation run by volunteers and with no external funding, we cannot run events at a loss as we have to pay the bands their normal commercial fees as well as hiring a venue and meeting legal requirements. With fewer customers, this is no longer possible. 

Meanwhile,we remain committed to the principle of encouraging lively social dancing in the English Ceilidh style and would be willing to offer advice or assistance to anyone wishing to organise such an event for charity, celebration etc., and would welcome feedback, suggestions and support towards a possible revival of more regular events in this area.

With thanks to all our friends and fellow dancers, 

Anna, Kathy Moira, Richard.

If you wish to give us feedback, please send us a message via the Guestbook or Contacts pages or email Kathy if you are on her email list.

See us enjoying ourselves on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZGsK4Dnrjw

Last updated 1 Nov 2015

  • Great moves!

    Having a great time at our first ceilidh on 28th April, 2012, to Lambskinnet Band from Newark.

  • Fill the floor with dancers!

    Happy, smiley faces at our first ceilidh at Goodwin Hall, April 2012

  • Lambskinnet and Chris

    Lambskinnet Band with caller Chris Rose at Babworth WMC, April 2013

What is a "ceilidh"?
Ready for the off with Pierrot Ceilidh Band at Clarborough Hall, Oct 2013

Whether you are English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh or from many other places where dancing has been part of the culture, the term “ceilidh” (or ceilidhe, céilithe or ceili - say as "kay-lee") is used for a gathering where all ages come together to enjoy live music and dancing.